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Penguin Book covers – part 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on paperback-book designs from Penguin Books. For background information on Penguin and for more covers see part 1 below. Over the years covers have been undertaken by many famous artists and designers - see Ben Shan, Eduardo Paolozzi, Paul Hogarth, and Milton Glaser (originator of the 'I [heart] NY' logo). Where known, I have shown the date of publication and name of the designer/illustrator:

1970 Tony Meeuwissen

1971 Donna Brown

1971 Milton Glaser

1971 Minale/Tattersfield/Provinciali

1971 Omnific

1972 David Pelham

1973 (unknown)

1973 Tony Meeuwissen
The above design is a clever take on the iconic design of the British cigarette packet for "Wild Woodbine":

1974 (unknown)

1976 Tony Meeuwissen

1977 Ben Shahn

1977 John Carrod (& Harry Beck, designer of the original tube map)

1978 Paul Hogarth

1983 Carroll & Dempsey

1999 Pentagram

2008 (unknown)

2008 (unknown)

2008 (unknown)





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