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Neo Rauch - painter - part 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on the works of contemporary German painter Neo Rauch. For biographical notes and more works see part 1 below.

All images © Neo Rauch / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn.

2004 Revolte (Revolt) oil on paper 200 x 281 cm

2004 Schmerz (Pain) oil on canvas 270 x 210 cm

2004 Waldsiedlung oil on paper 277 x 197 cm

2005 Der Pate (The Godfather) oil on canvas 271 x 150 cm

2005 Heimkehr (Homecoming) oil on canvas 210 x 300 cm

2005 Krypta (Crypt) oil on canvas 210 x 271 cm

2005 Loesung (Mortar) oil on canvas 300 x 210 cm

2005 Neujahr (New Year) oil on canvas 270 x 210 cm

2007 Der nächste Zug (The Nearest Puff) oil on canvas

2007 Die Flamme (The Flame) oil on canvas

2007 Die Fuge (The Nearest Joint) oil on canvas

2007 Goldgrube (Bonanza) oil on canvas

2007 Jagdzimmer (Hunting Room) oil on canvas

2007 Leporello oil on canvas 250 x 210 cm

2007 Vater (Father) oil on canvas

2007 Vorort (Suburb) oil on canvas

2008 Alte Verbindungen (Old Ties) oil on canvas 250 x 300 cm

2008 Das Gut (The Good) oil on canvas 280 x 210 cm

2008 Die Aufnahme (The Recording) oil on canvas 300 x 250 cm

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