Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Émile Bernard - part 2

1897 Self-Portrait
This is part 2 of a 2 part post on the works of French Post-Impressionist painter Émile Bernard. For biographical notes on Bernard see part 1 below.

1892 Breton Women with Parasols

1892 Madeleine au bois d'amour oil on canvas

1892 Self-portrait as a Troubadour oil on canvas

1892 Still Life with Teapot, Apples and Dishes oil on board

1893 Still Life with Grapes oil on canvas

1893 Two Arab Women at the Edge of the Nile oil on canvas

1895 African Woman oil on canvas

1895 Three Women on the Banks of a River oil on canvas

1898 The Three Races oil on canvas

1900 Woman Smoking Hashish oil on canvas

1908 Nymphs after Bathing oil on canvas

1912 At the Harem oil on canvas

Breton Landscape

Breton Woman and Haystacks

Harvest next to the Sea

Lady with a Fan oil on canvas

Portrait of Piere Tanguy oil on canvas

Still Life with Orange

Street in Saint Briac

The Cliffs at Le Pouldu

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