Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Édouard Vuillard - part 3 - prints

This is part 3 of a 3-part post looking at the works of French artist and member of Les Nabis, Édouard Vuillard. For biographical notes on Vuillard see part 1. This last part takes a look at Vuillard's rather nice etchings and lithographs:

1893 Folding the Linen lithograph

1893 Old Woman at a Stove lithograph

1895 The Dressmaker lithograph

1896 Interior with Pink Wallpaper I lithograph

1896 Interior with Pink Wallpaper II lithograph

1896 Motherhood lithograph

1896 The Tuileries Garden lithograph

1897 Childrens' Pastime lithograph

1897-8 Across Country lithograph

1897-8 Game of Draughts lithograph

1897-8 On the Pont de l'Europe lithograph

c1898 Van Rysselberghe etching and Aquatint

1899 Interior with Hanging Lamp lithograph

1899 The Avenue lithograph

1899 The Bakery lithograph

1899 The Cook lithograph

1899 The Hearth lithograph

1899 The Two Sisters-inLaw lithograph

1900 Mrs Vuillard and her Daughter lithograph

1900 The Aging Beau and the Coquette lithograph

1900 The Dressmaker lithograph

c1920 Interior with Sofa etching

1937 Little Sketches in the Square etching

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