Kamis, 17 November 2011

Maurice Denis - part 3 - lithographs

I'm pleased to say that this art blog has now passed half a million a page views. Many thanks to all those who have visited.
This is part 3 of a 3-part post on the works of French post-impressionist, and member of Les Nabis, Maurice Denis (1870-1943). In my last post I mistakenly said it was a 2-part post, but meant to say parts 1 and 2 featured Denis's paintings, part 3 his lithographs. For biographical notes on Denis see part 1.

1894 Apparition sheet-music cover lithograph

1895 Christ at Emmaus lithograph

1895 The Visitation lithograph

1895 Woman with Ewer lithograph

1898 Allegory lithograph

1898 Amour, The Caress lithograph

1898 Dusk has the Sweetness of an Old Painting lithograph

1900 Mother with a Child at a Window lithograph

1901 Nymphe couronnée de paquerettes lithograph

1923 Psalms lithograph

1925 Maternité à la fenêtre ouverte lithograph

1925 Maternité au jardin lithograph

1925 Saint François d'Assisse lithograph  

1925 Solitude lithograph

1927 Grande maternité lithograph

1927 L'enfant au coquetier lithograph

Ce fut un religieux mystère, from the album Amours lithograph

Le bouquet matinal, les larmes lithograph

Love, Our Souls, in Slight Gestures lithograph

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