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Maurice Denis - part 2

Self-portrait with His Family in Front of Their House
This is part 2 of a 2-part post on the works of French post-impressionist, and member of Les Nabis, Maurice Denis (1870-1943). For biographical notes and more works by Denis see part 1 below.

c1900 L'Enfant Jésus à la Belle Verdure oil on canvas

c1902 Maternite, Anne-Marie et Marthe a la Bague Ovale oil on canvas

1903 Intimité près de la Fenêtre oil on canvas

1905 Euridice

1905 Nazareth

c1905 Sacred Spring at Guidel oil on cardboard ©2003 State Hermitage Museum

1906 Baigneuses au Petit Temple
In 1908-9 Maurice Denis was commissioned by Ivan Morozov, Russian industrialist and famous patron of art, to make a series of decorative panels, The Story of Psyche, which he brought to Moscow in January 1909 to install in Morozov's house.

1908-9 Panel 1. Eros is Struck by Psyche's Beauty ©2003 State Hermitage Museum

1908-9 Panel 2. Zephyr Transporting Psyche to the Island of Delight ©2003 State Hermitage Museum

1908-9 Panel 3. Psyche Discovers her Mysterious Lover is Cupid oil on canvas

1908-9 Panel 4. The Vengeance of Venus oil on canvas ©2003 State Hermitage Museum

1908-9 Panel 5. In the Presence of the Gods Jupiter Bestows Immortality on Psyche and Celebrates Her Marriage to Eros oil on canvas ©2003 State Hermitage Museum

1908-9 Panel 6. Psyche's Kin Bid Her Farewell on a Mountain Top oil on canvas ©2003 State Hermitage Museum

1909 Sand Castle oil on board

1914 Dancing around the Large Trees at Perros oil on board

1915 Yellow Cat oil on board

1918 The Return of Young Tobie

1919 Around a Child with a Dog

1927 Avallon, Paysage au Grand Arbre oil on canvas

Games in the Sand

The Cow Girl

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