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Gustav Klimt - part 3

Gustav Klimt in a Blue Smock by Egon Schiele 1913
This is part three of a three-part post on the works of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. For biographical notes on Klimt see part one.

1907-8 Hope II oil, gold and platinum on canvas

1909 Judith II oil on canvas

1909 Lady with Hat and Feather Boa

1909 The Tree of Life

1910 Lady with Back Feather Hat

1910 Schloss Kammer on the Attersee IV oil on canvas

1911-12 Farm Garden with Crucifix

1912 Apple Tree

1912 Avenue in Schloss Kammer Park oil on canvas

1912 Mäda Primavesi oil on canvas

1912-13 The Virgins oil on canvas

1913 The Church in Cassone

1913-14 Portrait of Eugenia Primavesi oil on canvas

1914 Portrait of Elisabeth Bachofen Echt

1916 Death and Life oil on canvas

1916 Fredericke Maria Beer oil on canvas

1916 Garden Path with Chickens oil on canvas

1916 Houses in Unterach on the Attersee

1916-17 The Friends oil on canvas

1917-18 Adam and Eve

1917-18 Portrait of Johanna Staude

1917-18 The Bride

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