Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Toulouse-Lautrec part 2

This is part two of a four-part post on the works of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. For biographical notes and earlier works see part one below. Part three will feature his lithographs.

1892 Woman with Black Feather Boa oil on cardboard

c1892-95 In Bed oil on cardboard

1893 Portrait of Monsieur Boileau oil on cardboard

1893-4 Portrait of Marcelle

1894 Au Salon de la Rue des Moulins oil on canvas

1894 Femme de Maison oil on wood

1894 Rue des Moulins, The Medical Inspection oil on cardboard

1894 Yvette Guilbert charcoal & oil on tracing paper

1894-5 Les Deux amies / Abandon, The Two Friends

1894-5 Two Friends

1895 Cha-U-Kao, The Clowness oil on cancas

1895 Cha-U-Kau, The Clowness

1895-6 Lucie Bellanger

1896 Chocolate Dancing at Achille's Bar ink, pencil, charcoal

1896 The Toilette

1897 Crouching Woman with Red Hair

1897 Nude in Front of a Mirror oil on cardboard

1897 Portrait of Berthe Bady oil on cardboard

1897 Reclining Nude oil on wood panel

1899 En Cabinet particulier - au Rat Mort oil on canvas

1899 The English Barmaid at the Star in Le Havre oil on wood

1899-1900 Madame Poupoule at Her Dressing Table oil on board

1900 La Modiste - Mlle Louise Blouet, dited'Enguin oil on board

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