Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

Rose Wylie - part 2

This is part two of a two-part post on the works of English artist Rose Wylie. For biographical notes and more works see part one below.

2006 Fat Controller (small) oil on canvas

2006 Footballers Heads oil on canvas

2006 Golf Picture, Masters oil on canvas

2006 House & Horse oil on canvas

2006 Lords and Ladies oil on canvas

2006 Uma oil on canvas

2007 Footballers Heads mixed media on paper

2007 Sitting on a Bench with Border oil on canvas, collage

2008 5x2 (Film Notes) oil on canvas

2008 Battle in Heaven oil on canvas

2008 Brown Berlin Bear's Head oil on canvas

2008 Christmas Fairy oil on canvas

2008 Japon Driving oil on canvas

2008 Silent Light oil on canvas

2008 The Manufacturers oil on canvas

2009 Dream, Yellow Bricks, Biscuit-Head (small) watercolour, collage on paper

2009 FC Dining Room watercolour, collage on paper

2009 Horse, Pig & Chicken

2010 Cat, Skull and 5x2 oil on canvas

2010 Chinese Film Star (Film Notes) ink, watercolour, collage on paper

(date unknown) Girl on Liner

(date unknown) Looking Round the Corner

(date unknown) Looking Round

(date unknown) Size 8, Orange

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