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Edgar Degas - part 2

1886 Self-portrait
This is the second of three posts featuring the work of French artist Edgar Degas. Parts one and two feature his works related to the ballet, part three will feature other works. For biographical notes see part one.
I'm afraid I don't have all of the dates and titles for for the works in this post.

1898-99 The Blue Dancers

1898-99 Two dancers

1899 Four Dancers

1900 Ballet Dancers in the Wings

1900 Dancers at the Bar

1907 Ballet Scene

(Title unknown)

A group of Dancers


Ballet Dancers on the Stage

Ballet Rehearsal on Stage

(Title unknown)

Dancer at the Bar

Dancer on Point

Dancer with a Fan

Dancers Bending Down

Red Ballet Skirts

Sketch Ballet Dancer

Three Ballet Dancers, One with Dark Crimson Waist

Three Dancers in a Class
Please note: I am off on another working trip tomorrow, and won't be able to post. Part three of Edgar Degas will be up in about a week's time. Please come back then. Thank you, Poul.

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