Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Recent Work

Well, my blog is one year old today. From humble beginnings it's now receiving around 1200 hits a day, so thank you for that, and to those who have signed up.
Lots more mid-century art to come next, but I thought today I'd post some of my own recent work (hey, it's my blog). Just finished the oil painting below, the most recent in a series of semi-abstracted views of the landscape in Kerala, India.

Nilghiri I oil & silver leaf on canvas 100cm x 152cm

I'm also posting some photographs from a series I'm currently working on, Acrylic Synapses. The forms and colour complement and echo my paintings to some extent. The subject matter is not arranged or layered, they are straight forward photographs,  but then inverted and digitally enhanced.

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