Minggu, 22 Agustus 2010

Grant Wood

I love the paintings of Grant Wood. He was an American painter born in Anamosa, Iowa in 1891, famous for his depictions of the rural Midwest. His landscapes are nostalgic and carry a sense of what was once great about America - the pioneering spirit, love of the land and its place in history, sometimes actually depicting historical moments as in 'Paul Revere's Ride', the last image shown below. These paintings were certainly an early influence on my own approach to landscape painting.
They are gentle rolling landscapes, soft and curvy, and are places we all feel we'ed be comfortable in. Undoubtedly his most famous and iconic image of the American Midwest is 'American Gothic', depicting a dour farmer and his wife standing in front of their farmhouse. The portrait top left is a self-portrait. Grant Wood died in 1942.

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