Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

Ken Cox

On Tuesday evening we went to the opening of an exhibition of paintings by two old friends of ours, Ken and Margot Cox, at Gallery 286 in Earls Court, London. Ken Cox works in mixed media and silkscreen prints in a kind of 'pop art' style that employs references to comics and contemporary culture. Margot Cox is more traditional, doing vibrant abstracted landscapes in vigorous brushstrokes and has been working on a series of ballet dancers drawn on the spot. I'll put some of Ken's work up today, and Margot's next.
Ken subverts the form of vintage American comic books with multi-layered screen prints that reflect preoccupations with time, love and loss incorporating resonant words, quotes and phrases.
Ken Cox MA RCA is a professional illustrator, fine artist and musician with his own Jazz Combo 'Blues Set'.

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