Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

Went to see the Chris Ofili retrospective at Tate Britain yesterday. On the train on the way up I sent a Tweet to Danny DeVito (as you do) in response to something he'd said on Twitter, and immediately received a personal reply from him. Made my day. Chris Ofili came in second after that.

The exhibition is split into two parts. The first deals with the works that brought him international recognition as a young Brit Artist, the decorative pieces that make reference to his Zimbabwean roots and contemporary Black culture. The second section of the show has his more recent work that has left the decorative, elephant dung-adorned works behind. I like the first - large scale works layered with intricate patterns and collage elements - not sure that every piece needed the statutory lump of elephant dung attached to it, but all the major collections around the world that these are on loan from probably disagreed. Here is 'Afrodizzia' 2.4m x 1.83m. The medium is given as 'Paper collage, oil paint, glitter, polyester resin, map pins, elephant dung':

The second part of the show dealt with his recent series of works since his move to Trinidad alongside his mate Peter Doig. I'm sure I could detect a Doig-like influence breaking through these works, and much as I like Doig's work too, I don't like either of their post-Trinidad-move pieces. These are truly large scale works - the size of warehouse walls, and very disappointing. I just don't think he'd have made it on the back of these works alone. The jury's out. Here's one of the better one's I don't have the title of:

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